What I do for business: Mental Health and Evidence Based Wellbeing

Expert speaker: Podcasts, fireside chats with senior leaders, mental health input to town hall meetings.

Consultation to teams: managing difficult events, facilitating safe spaces in group discussions.

Coaching: 1:1 for senior leaders and HR professionals

Education: interactive webinars and seminars

My expertise is facilitating learning events in evidence-based wellbeing and mental health.

My passion is communicating complex ideas about science, health and psychology in an accessible, interesting and impactful manner.

These insights lead to small but powerful behavioural changes on an individual and organisational level. Topics can be bespoke, responsive to an event, or in any of my theme areas below.


Foundations of Well-being : Sleep, exercise, alcohol, nutrition
Four interactive seminars on the science of lifestyle change for mental and physical health

Hormones Matter
Female hormones across the lifecycle; their impact on mental and physical health

Perfectionism at work
Managing perfectionism to improve risk taking, creativity and self esteem

The juggle and the struggle
Parenthood and career- the first five years


Coronavirus response
Ten sessions developed since March 2020 with Employees Matter and This Can Happen:

Covid Anxiety- The pandemic of Panic, Managing anxiety, Coping with Loss

Weathering the Storm- dealing with the emotional spin cycle of an emerging health crisis

Life after lockdown- Courage, Adaptability, Resilience and Empathy in the new normal

Positive mental wellbeing for teams- Understanding stress and practical positive psychology

Surviving the Summer- reflecting on the last four months and summer planning for families

Calm about Covid- psychological adaptation to a new risk landscape

Life in a Covid world- living with a new and very different normal

Winter Wellbeing- the science of wellbeing to build resilience for the winter months

A very different festive season- adaptation and expectation management over Christmas

Learning from Lockdown- Evidence based wellbeing based on global research from the first lockdown


M and G Investments
Goldman Sachs
This Can Happen

Northern Trust